St. Louis the next Silicon Valley? Or is it even better?

We’ve been saying it for YEARS—St. Louis is a hub of startup activity. There’s an energy, a buzz, a whirr about the town and it’s catching on. And now—our little secret is spreading. St. Louis is getting national attention for the startups that call it home.

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Last week Ben Castleman of the Wall Street Journal ran a story called, “Cities Hunt for Startup Magic.” In it, he profiled the entrepreneurs who were bucking national trends by launching their own companies—and he profiled the city in which they were doing it: St. Louis. Accompanying his article was a video called “Will St. Louis become the next Silicon Valley.” Cultivation Capital’s Rick Holton and Lockerdome’s Gabe Lozano were key pieces to the story.

But the St. Louis startup love didn’t stop there. James Corbett put together this snapshot of St. Louis entrepreneurship. It takes viewers inside the T-Rex startup city. Several of our portfolio companies (Capital Innovators, Tunespeak, FoodEssentials) and our General Partner Brian Matthews were all featured in the clip.

The takeaway? Big things are happening here in St. Louis. This is a town that is proving that entrepreneurs don’t have to pack up and move to the coasts to be successful. In fact, St. Louis is proving that startups can even be more successful and their employees can lead better, happier lives by basing themselves here. Five years ago, that thought might have sounded crazy. Today, it’s a reality. And Cultivation Capital is excited to be such a big part of the community.