Portfolio Rockstar of the Month: Kole Myers

Portfolio Rockstar of the Month: Kole Myers


Name: Kole Myers, Front-End Developer at Tunespeak

What did you study at UIUC? I was a philosophy major, but I studied computer science in my free time and knew that was what I wanted to do, and the thing that would be more likely to get me a job in the future.

What made you decide to move to St. Louis and work with Tunespeak? For web development most of the jobs are in san francisco or elsewhere in California , which would be a big move for me if I decided to work there. I liked that St. Louis was a little closer to home, yet still gave me the chance to work in a cool city, plus I don’t have to live in an apartment the size of a cardboard box, which I certainly would be doing in San Fran. As far as why I chose Tunespeak, I really like music, and the idea that some famous artist would be using the tools I build. Also the people here are all really fantastic to work with.

What are you working on at Tunespeak? I’m a Front-End Developer so I build out the part of the website that users interact with (All the clickable things and everything you see on the site, I also make sure everything works on different browsers and formats, like phones and such).
I just started working here, but currently I’m working on contest statistics and data for Artists to look at. For example it lets the band see gender and age breakdowns for who is entering their contests, so you will know if all your fans are really 13 year old girls or 57 year old men. Also it lets bands identify who their top fans really are.

What do you like about working in the Downtown’s Innovation District? The location is really great. I’m currently living downtown so it’s just a short walk to work, and I like that the building houses a lot of different startups. It’s fun talking with some of the other startup employees and learning what they’re working on and having that extra bit of diversity under the same roof.

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