Cultivation Capital is a venture firm focused on investing in technology and life sciences companies whose ideas have the potential to transform the way we live and work. We partner with entrepreneurs who have the potential to build some of the world’s most successful startups. We actively invest out of a variety of funds, and support and invest in multiple business development programs focusing on areas like financial technologyagriculture technology, cyber security technology, and women-led companies.

We know how hard it is to scale a startup. The difference between success and failure is being able to bring together all the necessary pieces at the right times. We combine our capital resources with our networks and expertise to improve the odds of success.

When we invest in a company, the founders and all its employees join the Cultivation Community. With more than 400 investors, 35 general partners, 10 additional program managers, 10 operations team members, 8 analysts, 42 companies in the portfolio, and over 2500 employees across the portfolio, we are only a few degrees away from your startup’s next customer, investor, employee, or partner.

No one builds a company alone. It takes many people to succeed, and strong communities that work together to increase connectivity and improve the likelihood of success. Working together to strengthen startup communities increases our odds at building successful companies.

Our team knows that what we do to improve our community today will help launch the next wave of successful startups tomorrow. We serve on the boards, advisory groups, or planning committees of many non-profit startup community initiatives in the two cities we have offices in: St. Louis and Nashville. 

Startups often struggle to gain credibility. With over 320 investors across our funds, there are hundreds of people and institutions invested in the success of our portfolio. We leverage this network to build strong ties to regional businesses and institutions interested in buying the products created by the portfolio.

The combined power of this network has helped our portfolio close dozens of paid pilots and new customers. Since 2012, Cultivation has syndicated and led investment rounds with over 100 other venture firms, angel groups, and corporate venture arms. With the help of these partnerships, our portfolio has gone on to raise over $831 million.

Getting people together with a variety of backgrounds and allowing them to meet in person changes perspectives. These meetings have led our portfolio into new markets, investors, customers, employees, and partnerships.

We host 6 events throughout the year to provide plenty of opportunities for the portfolio to have these critical collisions. We believe that entrepreneurs learn best from other entrepreneurs. In addition to the events we host ourselves, we sponsor and help plan a variety of community events.