First Cultivation Connection Event


We had a BIG first for us here at Cultivation Capital last week. It was our first (of many) Cultivation Connection events that we are hosting in order to build a better network among St. Louis’ startup community. The idea behind the event is that Cultivation Capital is committed to building the companies in our portfolio. We are also very committed to building up the startup community across the midwest. We figured one of the best ways to do that was by bringing the movers and shakers in our community together to pick each others’ brains about issues they have encountered.

The theme of our first Cultivation Connection event was marketing. We brought in two awesome speakers to kick off the discussion– Systematic Revenue’s Jonathan Herrick and Elasticity’s Brian Cross. Jonathan and Brian brought up their thoughts on how to effectively market and manage some of the pitfalls new startups will face. The response was amazing. We had more than 50 people attend and take part in the event. This is just the beginning for Cultivation Connection. Look forward to many more events in the weeks to come!