Cultivation Careers – March 2015

March 2015
Cultivation Careers
A no frills guide to cultivating your career in venture capital and entrepreneurship


Check out the TopOpps office space next door to T-REX and hear from their technical solutions manager, Sam Cummings, what it is like to work at this company downtown St. Louis.

LockerDome is hiring for 21 jobs in St. Louis and NYC.

Check out the calendar of downtown's technology incubator, T-REX for all upcoming events.

Gearing up for the next Global Hack IV!!!
Developers, designers, startup enthusiasts, etc. Our next hackathon in June 5-7 at T-REX. $50,000 in cash money up for grabs for 3 lucky teams. Don't miss out, sign up today!

Looking to expand your skill sets? Check out LaunchCode and LaunchCoderGirl. They provide free tech training and mentoring and offer weekly meetups through their program.

  Eric Ries defines a startup as an organization dedicated to creating something new under conditions of extreme uncertainty. 

Entrepreneurs are constantly pivoting and evolving their business which means their needs tend to be constantly changing. As a job seeker, take this into consideration when approaching a startup company for a job opportunity. Rather than ask about the perfect role for you at that company, think about asking the founder what their biggest problem is and how you can solve it. 

Current Job Openings:

Customer Insight Analyst – St. Louis
Front End Developer – Chicago
Jr. Software Engineer – St. Louis
Jr. Software Engineer – Chicago
Jr. UX Designer – Chicago
Project Manager – Chicago
Software Engineer – St. Louis
Software Engineer – Chicago
Sr. Software Engineer – St. Louis
Sr. Software Engineer – Chicago
VP of Engineering – Chicago

Sales Development Representative 

Frontend Javascript Developer
Marketing/Communications Intern

Promise Pay
Customer Success Specialist
Risk Fraud Specialist

Front-End Web Developer
Senior Back End Engineer 

Senior Graphic Programmer
Senior Mobile Developer 

Systems Architect 

Senior Product Manager – Adarza

Sales Executives (remote locations) – Wealth Access

Software Engineer – Upside

Art Director/Graphic Artist -KiteReaders (Prosper Accelerator)

Job Seeker's Career Corner

Mind the Gap: Getting from a Seed Round to a Series A Round
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e seed stage to the Series A stage. 

Cultivation Capital Partner and Square Co-founder, Jim McKelvey shares 10 business lessons in this Upstart Business Journal article.

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Book Suggestion of the Month:

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