Cultivation Capital Makes First Investments

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April 20, 2012

Cultivation Capital announces its first three investments into early stage technology ventures in St. Louis.

The portfolio investments include a $250,000 investment into JBara Software and a $250,000 investment into LockerDome. In addition, the fund strengthens its access to local entrepreneurs with a strategic investment into Capital Innovators, a St. Louis-based startup accelerator.

“These three companies mark an exciting entrance for Cultivation Capital into the Missouri startup market,” says Peter Esparrago. “Their innovative approaches to business set a strong precedent for future investments in the Midwest.”

JBara provides deep customer intelligence analysis for enterprises to manage customer success and minimize churn. JBara is a leader in supporting the executive in charge of customer satisfaction by providing actionable insights into the customer experience and key customer metrics.

LockerDome provides a digital network for athletes and sports enthusiasts. Unifying events, performance, and socialization, it creates a hub for athletes, coaches, and recruiters spanning club teams, school athletics, and professional sports.

Capital Innovators is a St. Louis-based technology accelerator. It provides valuable mentorship along with an initial seed investment in selected companies. With Cultivation Capital’s investment in Capital Innovators, it aims to continue the growth of Missouri technology companies.

With positions in JBara, LockerDome, and Capital Innovators, the fund furthers its goals of bridging Missouri-based startups to a national audience.

Cultivation Capital is a venture capital firm investing in early stage technology companies in Missouri. Cultivation Capital seeks opportunities in Missouri. Interested entrepreneurs can submit an application for consideration at