Cliff Holekamp Talks Competitive Research in Wall Street Journal

General Partner Cliff Holekamp was quoted in the Wall Street Journal this week. Cliff shared from his experience of founding a chain of podiatric medical centers.

Cliff made a practice of visiting his competitors, sometimes anonymously and sometimes by telling his story of launching his own center. Many responded positively to his interest in joining their industry rather than rebuffing him as a new competitor.

“The ethical line is crossed when you misrepresent yourself in order to seek access to information not readily available to the general public,” Mr. Holekamp says.

Cliff encourages other entrepreneurs to do the same:

“Entrepreneurs have a tendency toward overconfidence, and can underestimate what they can learn from their future competitors. The competition offers a free glimpse into seeing how different ideas work out in actual practice.”

Cliff’s experience is one of many lessons that he brings to bear in supporting the portfolio entrepreneurs of Cultivation Capital.

Read the full article in this week’s print edition of the Wall Street Journal or view it online.