“Amazon Go and the Internet of Stores” – Why Every Retailer Should Be Paying Attention

“Have you seen the new video announcing Amazon Go?! Wow! If you’ve seen this video, you’ve likely double or triple checked other news sources to see if this is “fake-news”. How could Amazon possibly allow you to walk in, grab what you want off the store shelf and leave without ever scanning an item or checking out?! Removing friction from the buying process is an obsession for Amazon, and this new announcement raises the bar. Amazon Go seems at first glance, too good to be true, but the technology is available to all retailers today, making this experience acheivable to any innovative retailer committed to bringing it to life. Here’s why this announcement makes complete sense for Amazon, and why every retailer with a physical store should be emulating it.”

Read CEO of Aisle411 Nathan Pettyjohn’s full article here.