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Looking for a full-time Systems and Process Professionals to join a team of 15 professionals in the early stages of scaling the next ‘biggest thing’ in downtown Saint Louis. We are a funded company with a large vision, huge clients, exponential opportunity, and a lot of work.

We need talents who can successfully demonstrate problem solving skills and who can be

flexible to scale with a fast moving company. There is lots of opportunity for growth and reward

for those that prove themselves.

This is a full-time position (40 hours+) per week, on-site at our awesome office in downtown St.

Louis on Washington Avenue. Part-Time applicants need not apply.

Desired Skills & Experience:

• Hands on professionals with a talent for analysing and innovating upon existing systems and processes.

• Ability to lead a team to achieve the above effectively

• Expert with Excel with a passion for data, systems and process

• Data-focused, ability to use data to make decisions

• Ability to innovate processes, using technology to improve efficiency

• System-oriented/Computer-Savvy, including knowledge of excel, google docs, comfortable with databases

• Understanding of formulas and FoodEssentials attributes

• Quality analysis of data and numbers

• Understanding of FDA guidelines in relation to food is a plus, background or interest in food and nutrition a plus!

• Able to adapt quickly to change and work in a fast paced environment

• Ability to work with and lead small teams


Job Duties Include (but are not limited to):

• System innovation across all the following areas:

• Data Entry tasks

• Participate in quality analysis and correction of data

• Creating and maintaining documentation of data analysis

• Analysis of nutritive properties

• Categorization of products

About Food Essentials:

FoodEssentials is a young and vibrant company developing best of breed technologies to solve problems related to food label data for consumers, manufacturers, retailers, and the government. We leverage our proprietary technologies to provide industry and government with the tools to undertake the deep analysis of food label data.

The FoodEssentials team is a fine balance of product knowledge, technological expertise and creativity. We are headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri and are an internationally focused, modern young company leveraging best of breed technologies for both data, communications and management processes.

Everyone full time employee in the team is a shareholder in the company and is motivated by the potential for FoodEssentials to make a difference in how people choose foods.

Why are we excellent?

We have been working on scaling the analysis of large food label data sets since 2004. Our proprietary technology provides the framework for a host of analysis tools that serve both government, industry and consumers alike.  Our mission is to make vast amounts of food label data accessible and easily analyzable.


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